Friday, June 1, 2012

Cadmium, low vit D3 and Infertility

In the previous blog I discussed the finding that cadmium is capable of destroying  25 -OH vit D3 in all chronic disease. If you google low vit D3 and infertility  you will see several articles on the  association of low vit D 3 and infertility. I found that to be true in patients with infertility that have had vit D 3 measurements.  In overcoming infertility it is certainly a good idea to take sufficent vit  D3 which might be 10,000 units a  day or getting 20,000 units a  day with sunshine  between 11am and 1 pm from May to October in Northern lattitudes. In addtion it is important  to look at stress. Stress releases free cadmium and lowers vit D3. 
At the same time, it is wise to eat an anti-inflammatory diet. Wheat is pro-inflammatory but spelt, quinoa, brown rice and buckwheat are anti-inflammatory. See The Cancer Fighting Kitchen  by Rebecca Katz for a great list of anti-inflammatory foods.
Lowering stress by using the mind  is also a key step. A very easy book  to teach you how to use your mind is Real Happiness by Sharon Salzberg. The CD in the back can be listened to and followed for 4 minutes or so after each meal.
Movement lowers stress as well and lowers cadmium. Eat-Pray-Move. It is good for more than chronic disease.