Monday, December 30, 2013

Low testosterone,Bi-polar disorder, Alzheimer's and Re-versal of Cadmium effects by Lithium

Abnormalities seen in Bi-polar disorder and Alzheimer's appear to be at least partially reversed by lithium. See The following link:

If you look then look at the effects of lithium in reversing cadmium effects on the  rat testes you see that some of the same abnormalities noted in the previous article can be caused by cadmium  and  are reversed by lithium.

 Assist Reprod Genet. 2010 August; 27(8): 469–476.
Published online 2010 May 9. doi:  10.1007/s10815-010-9426-3
PMCID: PMC2941593

Cadmium is a ubiquitous pollutant that is more bio-available in air since lead was removed from gasoline in 1980 in much of the world.  The body tends to bind it up into a protein called metallothionein. In a state of chronic stress and low testosterone the ability to build protein diminishes. With the breakdown of metallothionein cadmium, mercury, arsenic, copper, and zinc are released.

In a setting of low testosterone zinc is not efficiently absorbed.  Supplemental zinc by antagonizing  cadmium can increase testosterone. Low levels of zinc have may adverse effects throughout the body.  It is major factor in the increase in gluten intolerance  and type II diabetes. Cadmium is an anti-metabolite of zinc and it can be more  toxic combined with copper, arsenic, and mercury. Attention is not given to cadmium because it so quickly moves out of the blood into the lining of blood vessels and into endocrine organs.

There is heavy advertising for treatment of low testosterone with testosterone replacement.  This carries a very real risk of promoting prostate cancer.  The use of nutritional lithium in the from of lithium orotate which is available without RX can be  used safely in a dose of 5 mg elemental lithium 1-3 times a day.  Since it is generally easy to tell if testosterone levels are adequate, a person can listen to the body to determine if this is effective.  Since cadmium lowers 25-OH vit D it is wise to supplement with up to 10,000 units of vit D3 and at least 100 mcg of vit K2 to keep calcium in bones and teeth and out of soft tissue.  Do not supplement with calcium but do supplement with magnesium which is required in greater amounts with cadmium exposure to maintain testosterone. Poor stomach acid decreases the uptake of magnesium and zinc. The amino acid taurine enhances their uptake.   Moderate exercise, a healthy diet, a good night sleep and skillful stress management are equally important for testosterone and general health and lower toxic effects of cadmium.

 The psychiatric dose of lithium is 30 to 90 mg of elemental  lithium a  day. 10 mg of elemental  lithium a  day through drinking water  is naturally found in some areas of the world where mental health problems are strikingly low.  Patients on higher levels of lithium  need to consult with their physician before making any changes in their medication regimens.

Lithium is alkalinzing and enhances the uptake of B-12 into neurons.