Sunday, September 23, 2012

Rice, Arsenic, and Cadmium

Rice was in the news due to the finding of elevated levels of arsenic in baby food products and virtually all rice products.  Brown rice was particularly high. When I have done hair analyses in young children I have found elevated arsenic levels as well.  Arsenic is a mineral that is antagonized by zinc, Arsenic is also synergistically toxic with cadmium to which every one is exposed  through exhaust fumes, passive smoke, or phosphate fertilizers.  Highly processed foods like rice protein powders, baby rice cereal, puffed rice, rice cakes would be the foods to avoid. Brown rice with rice bran like whole brown rice or Tinkyada brown rice with rice bran pasta would be the best choices since they contain an array of minerals and wouldn't be more enriched with cadmium. Many gluten free foods contain rice so look at labels and just say no to processed foods.