Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Health Savings Account Benefits

Benefits of Health Savings Accounts
1. Choice. Health does not come from access to health care.  It requires personal healthy behaviors and access to the kind of care that works to support health.  A significant component of psycho-social stress occurs in 87% of diseases.  Many psychosomatic conditions are being addressed with expensive testing instead of compassionate listening. Patients with chronic conditions need to participate in all aspects of their care. A restraint on greedy escalation of prescription drug costs is encouragement  of  low cost natural substances . Integrative physicians  generally use such approaches but are rarely covered by existing managed care plans.  Health savings accounts allow patients to access  the health care provider of their choice not a restricted panel.
2. Health  Promotion. Exercise, yoga, tai chi, dancing, massage, acupuncture, psychotherapy are valuable ways to improve health. Expenditures should be tax exempt and payable through health savings accounts.
3. Nutritional Supplementation. Vitamins, mineral, herbs, nutritional supplements have proven effects in countering cadmium toxicity. Patients should have the right to  use them and purchase them through health savings accounts.  Some patients are intolerant of medications or do not wish to use them.  They can achieve equivalent beneficial effects often at a lower cost.
 Tax Unhealthy Behaviors
Tobacco , alcohol, and marijuana are taxed. High sugar drinks and processed foods contaminated with bis phenol A, and artificial preservatives and dyes that have a toxic effect with cadmium should  be taxed.  Animals that are raised in  a stressful manner should be taxed and incentives used to raise them in a humane condition.   See suggestions for the FDA.
These taxes should fund hospitals to pay for excess illness resulting from their use.
Fund Socially Beneficial Activities
Participation in the arts, music,  theater,  choruses, dance groups, camps, and participatory sports  as opposed to spectator sports decrease stress, increase self esteem, increase NO from eNOS, and lower health care costs.

Fund Senior Centers but increase participation and access for all ages. Boys and Girl Clubs, community centers,  and leaders to  provide their support from birth to death. 

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